Testimonial for disordered eating;
"If I could give more than a five star rating I absolutely would. Throughout my life, I've been an extremely fussy eater with no fruit or veg in my diet. When I was 18 I tried seeing a hypnotherapist (not Mel) over this problem, as other options had not worked for me. After 7 sessions with this other hypnotherapist, I had only made slight progress, did not add fruit or veg to my diet, and decided to give up, feeling a bit dejected. 6 years later, I thought I shouldn't give up and try it again with someone new. I found Mel from searching hypnotherapists near me and I couldn't be happier that I did. After only 2 sessions, I not only added many fruit and veto my diet (something I thought never really possible), but I've also made a food diary and added over 100 foods since these sessions! This has been absolutely life changing for me, not only for my health but also in being able to go out to eat and have the same meals as everyone else. I would highly recommend Mel to anyone, as the results I got from her were completely outstanding. I'm still in belief months on, and I cannot thank her enough. In a professional, private and relaxing atmosphere, Mel provided me with a service that has changed my life.

Testimonial for hypnobirthing;
​"Thank you Mel for helping me prepare for my son's birth. The skills I learnt enabled me to have the positive I wanted by growing confidence in my own instincts, trusting myself and being better informed to make clearer decisions. The visualisations were helpful during labour and I was able to keep myself from panicking. I can never repay you for helping me to do that and would recommend hypnobirthing to anyone who is looking for a calm, confident birth. Mel really knows her stuff and very quickly puts you at ease. She discussed all of my worries and silly questions and really helped me to see childbirth in a different light. Thank you.

​Testimonial for weight loss;

"Before I tried hypnotherapy I had no idea what it was, but having met Mel before and knowing what a genuinely lovely person she is I decided to contact her about helping me lose weight. 

Right from the free consultation I was blown away. I was able to understand how my brain works and implement changes to my life even before my first hypnosis.

What is hypnosis? It's brilliantly simple and amazingly effective. A feeling I wish I could bottle.

Mel's passion and understanding of solution focused hypnotherapy is breathtaking, something she was born to do! I never knew or thought that so many factors would affect me and my relationship with food, but Mel guides me through each session, working together using discussion and hypnotherapy to achieve startling results. 

I can't thank Mel enough for her time, patience, skill and for the incredible work she has done with me and the profound changes she has made to my life, happiness and wellbeing.

If you are thinking about giving it ago, please don't hesitate to contact Mel"

Testimonial for anxiety;

"After becoming pregnant I was talking to a friend about how I really didn't want to pass down any of my anxieties to my child, and my friend suggested I contact Mel.

Informally, Mel explained to me how hypnosis works and in particular how it can help me. It was very well explained and not once did I feel judged, instead Mel helped me to understand why I did act in certain ways around certain situations. When she was explaining the hypnosis I liked the fact that it was about looking to the future, and changing the way ones mind works rather than looking backwards.

I knew having hypnotherapy sessions with Mel would benefit me and my new family. Before each session, Mel really helps your mind to focus on the positives and what little steps need to be taken to achieve your goals.

I feel that by having sessions with Mel and developing an understanding of how my subconscious works, I'm finally in a place I want to be in. I'd recommend Mel to anyone who wants to make positive changes."

Testimonial for fertility;
My Story….
After a struggling 4 years of trying to conceive and 2 heart-breaking miscarriages, I was advised by a friend to try hypnotherapy.
I was already under a fertility specialist who had advised me that I had a very low egg reserve and my chances to conceive naturally were slim and had to consider IVF.
In November I was told if I didn’t conceive in the next 3 months we had to go through IVF due to me being over 40.
Given this information I decided to contact Mel, after all I had nothing to lose by trying hypnotherapy.
As soon as I met Mel and sat down with her, I felt such at ease her whole demeanour is truly lovely and makes you instantly relax in her calming surroundings
Mel begun to explain to me all about hypnotherapy and how it works, how it could help me conceive by relaxing in a way that you can completely understand.
Mel also takes time to understand your needs and what you aim to achieve by the hypnotherapy.
I led there in such a relaxing calming atmosphere while Mel used relaxing techniques to relax me and then did her thing …..

Hypnotherapy is not like you see on telly where you are under some kind of weird hypnotic state, it is just a relaxing feeling that you drift off into a sleep, or just a deep relaxation.
After 3 sessions of hypnotherapy I am overjoyed to announce that I fell pregnant and I am now nearly 14 weeks pregnant.
Not only is Mel one of the loveliest ladies I have ever met, she is also a miracle worker.
Without hypnotherapy which made me relax and not stress about conceiving, I don’t believe I would be sitting here with my beautiful baby in my belly.
Ladies if can relate to this story, please don’t struggle and break your heart every month when it doesn’t happen like I did… please contact Mel!!
Thank you Mel … although I can’t thank you enough xxx