Melanie Gillespie Hypnotherapy

Stress and Anxiety specialist in Bristol

Do you suffer from stress?

Do you always feel sad?

Do you get anxious easily?

Let me help……

Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Do you feel constantly on edge? Perhaps experience an unsettled feeling, worrying about things that might go wrong?

Hypnotherapy for phobias

Do you have a fear or phobia which is holding you back? Perhaps the thought of flying prevents you from holidaying abroad?

Hypnotherapy for stress

Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything you have going on? Do you find it hard to cope either at work or at home?

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

Are you fed up of yo-yo dieting? Been to every slimming club going, only to put back on all the weight you have lost?

What my clients say

From my first contact with Mel I was struck by her friendliness and extreme professionalism. Since starting my hypnotherapy sessions I can honestly say they have made a huge difference to my life. Mel is incredibly easy to talk to and I would recommend her without reservation.


February 2018

I have had 5 sessions with Mel and am feeling much more in control of my anxiety. My family and friends have noticed that I have my sparkle back and my children love my increase in energy. I would highly recommend Mel.


March 2018

After suffering from severe anxiety and panic attacks for nearly 20 years I had come to the conclusion it was something I had to live with. Then I met Melanie! Overall the improvement in my mental health has been astounding. If you are struggling then please contact Mel, I can’t recommend her highly enough.


December 2017

Ready to Make a Change?

Hypnotherapy is a relaxing, enjoyable therapy which can quickly get you back in control. Together, we can make it happen.